The Highest Quality Laminate Flooring in Town

Laminate Flooring Feels Like Hardwood For Less

Made to look like hardwood, laminate is a great alternative to the real thing. Laminate is man-made, more durable, and less maintenance. It does not stain, fade, or show wear, and it’s more affordable! Because it is installed over cushioning, laminate is also comfortable to walk on. We offer a wide variety of looks and colors, and we’re happy to work with you to match the best type to your home or office!

When to Consider Laminate

Laminate flooring from A1 Carpet Flooring in Thousand Oaks has three primary benefits over other flooring types. First, it is a close match in terms of look and feel to genuine hardwood. Although a close inspection will reveal that the flooring is, in fact, laminate, at a glance it is difficult to tell the difference. Enjoy beautiful and solid laminate flooring at an affordable price with A1 Carpet Flooring.

Secondly, laminate flooring is much easier to maintain and take care of than real hardwood flooring. It is durable and doesn’t require continuous effort to keep it looking great. Finally, the pricing of laminate flooring is far lower than that of traditional wood floors, so you save at the same time.

A1 Carpet Flooring is proud to offer a full installation service to our valued Conejo Valley customers. Please call us today to ask for an estimate, and don’t hesitate to join us in our showroom 7 days a week.

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